Executive and Workplace Coaching

Program Name: Executive coaching (one on one) & Workplace Coaching (one on one and team coaching)

Duration: Twelve telephonic sessions spread across three to four months

Learning Outcomes: Based on individual and team needs could be in the following areas:

  • Performance coaching
  • Transition and change management coaching
  • Leadership Skills Coaching
  • Growth Coaching
  • Some specific areas for coaching are Planning skills, Communication, Strategic planning, Conflict management, Team building, Time management, Customer service, Performance coaching, People management, Visioning and goal achievement, Financial management, Sales coaching, Leadership, Project management, Lifestyle management, Presentation and public speaking, Negotiation skills, Personal development

Who Should Attend

  • High Potentials
  • Executives in challenging assignments
  • Newly promoted managers or managers in transition to new roles


The methodology is based on Neuroleadership which is from where the coaches have been certified as coaches. Neuroleadership, being the neuroscience of how leaders, make decisions and solve problems, regulate emotions (own and others), collaborate with others and facilitate change.

NeuroLeadership Group is the world’s foremost Global human performance consultancy using a brain-based approach for providing performance solutions which draws from the latest findings in neuroscience. It  draws from the latest findings in neuroscience research done by NeuroLeadership Institute to create learning solutions

The research that Neuroleadership Institute (A Global Collaboration of 150+ institutes and 15000 neuroscientist) is doing in the field of neuroscience, particularly social cognitive neuroscience with the objective of bringing evidence based hard science of brain research, into leadership and leadership development.

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