Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership for building a Performance Enhancing Culture

Developing leaders to meet the changed needs of 21st Century.


Two/Three Day Live Workshop

Module 1: Leadership in the 21st Century: Raising Self Awareness and Inspirational Leadership

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Styles

Module 3: Shaping Culture – Creating a Performance Enhancing Culture

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate a greater understanding of EI & how it can positively impact the performance of a leader and the people around them. Typical areas of development include Empathy, Developing Others, Conflict Management, Inspirational Leadership, Change Catalyst and Self Confidence.

Improve their visionary and other leadership style skills.

More effectively manage their own emotions and behaviours.

Able to determine which leadership style they should use in particular circumstances.

Use a coaching leadership style to apply coaching skills to drive people development, performance and culture.

Use new EI skills and leadership styles to influence required changes in the climate and culture in their organisation.

In line with best practice for embedding leadership learning in the workplace, LeaderShape advises a blended learning approach, comprising interactive online workbooks hosted on an Electronic Learning System, MasterClasses, Assessments, ALIVE© Calls and Coaching.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Senior Leaders

Participants should have experience of managing teams of people and operating at a senior operating or strategic level of the organisation.

Other options

Each participant completes a 360 deg Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Profile Assessment (LEIPA) prior to or during the course.

Each participant completes the LeaderShaper App to carry out an EI Self-assessment prior to the course. A printed report costs only £2.49

As an alternative to participating with a group Leaders may undertake a personal leadership development programme in a 1:1 coaching environment

John Knights

Chairman, LeaderShape

jkJohn Knights, a co-founder and Chairman of LeaderShape, is an experienced coach, mentor and facilitator of senior executives, teams and peer groups. He is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and a thought leader in ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ and the relationship between neuroscience and leadership.

 John has worked as a senior leader and board member in international corporations working in over 50 countries, much of the time in energy technology companies. He has also founded a number of technology companies himself, held a number of non-exec director roles, acted as a board member and chair in several public partnerships in Oxfordshire, currently Chair of the Oxfordshire International Business Club and lectures at the University of Oxford.

He is author of  ‘The Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure’, a report on 21st Century Leadership, (sponsored by Tata, Korn Ferry, CIMA and Tomorrows Company) and co-editor and author of ‘Leadership Assessment for Talent Development’ published by Kogan Page.

The services of LeaderShape are provided by a growing faculty of senior leaders from the private and public sector who have been accredited as coach/mentors and facilitators. They are all passionate about developing excellent leaders and believe this can only be achieved by enabling individuals to progress their behaviours, attitudes and mindsets. The focus is on helping leaders to improve their ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ skills, including emotional intelligence, through a variety of interventions including one-to-one coaching, team facilitations and other advanced work-based learning practices. In 2009, LeaderShape was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate university accreditation for its unique ‘Coach / Mentoring and Facilitation in Organisations’ programme and in early 2011 received an accreditation for a Master Degree programme in Transpersonal Leadership. They work in the private, public (especially health) and voluntary sectors in both large and smaller organisations.

 Clients include:

Bearing Point, Cephalon, Disney, Dixons, Marks & Spencer, Oxford University Hospital Trust, Tata Group, West Midlands Pension Fund …. to mention a few.

Certified Faculty


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