Team Building

Team Building and Motivation

About the Program

The words “team work??? and “team building??? are two of the most popular phrases in modern management today.

Over the years, exhaustive research has been done on top teams and peak performance. There seem to be given characteristics or qualities of peak performance teams that you can incorporate into your strategy to reach your business goals. In this workshop you will learn the how to implement these specific characteristics.

Who is it for?

Managers and Individual contributors with work experience up to 12 years.


Pre-workshop mail, 1 day live training and 4 weekly emails, weekly coaching calls – optional

Program modules

  • Module 1: Introduction: Understanding Teams
  • Module 2: Creating a Team Purpose
  • Module 3: Creating a Culture
  • Module 4: Building Trust
  • Module 5: Acting Towards the Team Purpose
  • Module 6: Motivating Self to Higher Levels

Program Outcomes

  • Build an energizing team purpose
  • Increase team trust and high performance culture
  • Become self- motivated and inspire others

Participant’s Feedback

  • It was full of motivation and inspiring session. Learn much team building skills
  • Delivery process was meeting my expectation. The workshop has given me learnings to make a better team and work more in a team. I would be adapting my learnings practically in the near future
  • It was very encouraging and motivational. Team building exercises practically tell you the problems you can face as a team. It motivates you to be a better leader and towards work as a team
  • That was really good to attend such workshop. I have learnt a lot in this workshop
  • Participatory, enlightening and pragmatic .Very engaging, did not have a single boring moment
  • It was engaging which is extremely important in a workshop like this. If it is engaging – it is interesting and helps get the message across fast. Thanks for a good session.

Prime Meridian Consulting India Private Limited is a company incorporated with the purpose of “building leaders everywhere???. The company deliver trainings and consultancy to help people perform at world-class levels at every level of Organization.

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