Five Steps to Extraordinary Results

Manager’s Series: Five Steps to Extraordinary Results

About the Program

To achieve anything of value, you must be intentional about it. As humans, we are unlimited; the only limitation we have is the one created by our imagination. Extraordinary people are those who do a little extra than the ordinary folks do and extraordinary result manifests

when we go beyond what is ordinarily obtainable. This workshop shows you how this in your professional and personal lives.

Who is it for?

Managers and Individual contributors with work experience up to 12 years.


Pre-workshop mail, 1-2 day live training and 4 weekly emails, fortnightly coaching calls – optional

Program modules

  • Module 1: Building accountability of ownership
  • Module 2: Your purpose and goals
  • Module 3: Act on your goals
  • Module 4: Building relationships
  • Module 5: Change leads to opportunities

Program outcomes

  • Improves accountability and ownership
  • Improves focus and outcomes
  • Improves relationships at work
  • Improves decision making and action during difficult times

Participant’s Feedback

The program was very good. We at this moment of life actually need this kind of workshop program. It simply motivated and changes our thought about our work

  • Very informative and participative, modern approach, looking forward to coaching sessions after training
  • Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed and gained sufficient insight on the subject. Will utilize learning for future personal development
  • Very Interactive and very inspiring workshop. Video, audio and hand-out material is arranged in a very systematic order
  • A learning and exciting session, very much interactive and absolute day to day useful activities. A wonderful session
  • It was a fantastic program. A very good way to present things and thoughts. Way was so nice it directly comes into behavior and thoughts.
  • Very Good process which makes everybody involved

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