Critical Communication Skills

An Effective Manager: Critical Communication Skills Workshop

About the Program

The success of the business rests upon communication. To be a good communicator, you need to be a good speaker and a patient listener too. On the other hand, written communication also needs to be very accurate to make sure that message is understood correctly.

Apart from the business requirements, communication skills are also important for people to make healthy relationships with their office counterparts. If the internal environment of an organization is healthy, it benefits both, the employees and the organization itself.

Who is it for?

Managers and Individual contributors with work experience up to 12 years.


Pre-workshop mail, 1 day live training and 4 weekly emails, weekly coaching calls – optional

Program modules

  • Module 1: Basic Concepts
  • Module 2: Active Listening
  • Module 3: Using the phone effectively
  • Module 4: Getting people to read and act on your emails
  • Module 5: Pitching an idea successfully

Program Outcomes

  • Improved effectiveness at workplace
  • Better connect with teams and customers
  • Improved collaboration and team work

Participant’s Feedback

  • Awesome workshop and everyone should attend this kind of workshop.
  • It was very good, video’s with logical discussions, interesting and knowledgeable
  • Very energetic, to the point. Straight from the Heart to the Heart. Will make sure to enrich my life with the knowledge and experience I got today
  • Simple Language, to the point, good/relevant examples, good presentation
  • It was very effective and interactive. Easy to understand, very specific and precise in terms of communications
  • It was very good. I recommend it for each individual in the company. It should be mandatory
  • The delivery process is excellent and we are bringing more knowledge and confidence to our workplace.

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