Advanced Communication Skills

An Effective Leader: Critical Communication Skills Workshop

About the Program

The success of the business rests upon communication.

As you go up the ladder you need to build communication skills which get the work done as well as build lasting relationships.

Apart from the business requirements, communication skills are also important for people to make healthy relationships with their office counterparts. If the internal environment of an organization is healthy, it benefits both, the employees and the organization itself.

Who is it for?

Leaders and Managers- work experience: 10 to 20 years.


Pre-workshop mail, 2 day live training and 4 weekly emails, flash cards, weekly coaching calls – optional

Program modules

  • Module 1: Basic Concepts
  • Module 2: Active Listening and Body Language
  • Module 3: Pitching an Idea
  • Module 4: Feedback Skills
  • Module 5: Assertive Communications
  • Module 6: Conducting Effective Meetings

Program Outcomes

  • Increase ability to deliver information effectively
  • Increase confidence in responding to difficult communication situations
  • Get the work done with collaboration and team work

Participant’s Feedback

  • Very meaningful and straight forward. Really going to make a lot of difference in communication for now
  • The process was good and Effective. The content was exhaustive
  • Thanks a lot. Delivery process was good and interactive
  • The presenter is excellent with vast knowledge and enthusiasm. He had an almost unique capacity to connect with all the participants
  • Excellent and interesting. Interest levels were up throughout the training
  • Excellent and full of knowledge
  • The session was in conversation which set the tone in the right way
  • Engaging, Direct and Easy. Very Good and Interesting.

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